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Don & Doff


1. Unfold the facemask with both hands, placing to your face, line up the metal
nose clip horizontally at the bridge of your nose. Maintain that position and pull
the mask’s bottom over your chin.

2. Stretch the upper elastic strap over your head and position it a few
inches above the ear.

3. Stretch the lower elastic strap over your head and position it below the
ears, around the neck.

4. Using the index fingers of both hands, firmly press the pliable nose clip
against the bridge of the nose and contour it by applying pressure while
sliding the fingers down each side of the clip. Repeat to ensure a tight
fit against the nose.

5. Check to ensure the facemark is tightly sealed to the face by placing both
hands directly over the mask, without affecting its positioning. Take a deep
breath and exhale with force. There should be no air released from the bridge
or mask edges.

6. In case of air leakage from the nose clip, repeat the molding process. If
you are unable to achieve a tight seal, DO NOT USE and discard the mask.


1. DO NOT TOUCH the front of the respirator! It may be contaminated!

2. Remove by pulling the bottom strap over back of head, followed by the
top strap, without touching the respirator.

3. Discard in waste container. Wash your hands.