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★★★★★ N95 that looks so Fashionable & Comfortable
Reviewed by Amazon Customer on September 23, 2021

I have been looking for N95 with a color that doesn’t look so medical or serious, but need to provide great protection, need it to look cool so my millennial employees like to wear them. This mask has it All! We used many other cloth masks because they look good but most of them with big gap from the top, and saggy, big safety concerns. This one has a very adjustable nose bridge, the head loops give a great fit around my mouth, looks great and it’s made in the USA. Thank you and keep up the good work!"

★★★★★ Comfortable and effective
Reviewed by Humchow on September 22, 2021

Nice product with good satisfaction."

★★★★★ Buy this mask, I high recommend it
Reviewed by Linda D on September 20, 2021

I have actually been wearing masks from this company for several months now and I should have written a review long ago!!! I love the fit and feel of my most recently purchased N95 mask as well. It covers my face with no gaps yet it doesn’t feel tight or suffocating like some others do. I realize that no mask can guarantee safety from germs but I’m out in public a lot and I do feel safe with the layers of protection this mask offers. I like that the front is pointed, allowing room to breathe. It’s lightweight, has a built-in nose clip and fits easily in my purse. I love the stylish gray color as it holds up better for women wearing makeup. I’ve tried other masks but I wasn’t as happy with the protection or feel. I will definitely stick with this company, I love their made in the USA products 💗"

★★★★★ Great quality masks
Reviewed by Justin K on September 18, 2021

Great quality masks, breathable yet secure."

★★★★★ It's light, tight, comfortable
Reviewed by Allen on September 17, 2021

Just received and tried today, best mask I have found so far. Light, tight, comfortable to wear, can wear it for a long day exposed at work. Best of all, it’s National Institution of Occupational Safety and Health approved, a stamp of safety and quality."

★★★★★ Good color, comfortable
Reviewed by Nancy on September 17, 2021

I like the color of the mask, and it's both protective and comfortable as well. Great buy!"

★★★★★ Functional and comfortable
Reviewed by Kayla D on September 17, 2021

When I purchased this product, I was a little concerned about my purchase after reading the 2 (negative) reviews it was given. However, after receiving the product and testing it out, I have found that it’s a great mask.

Contrary to the reviews, it does have a nose clip.

Like, I saw that that was one of the biggest concerns stated in the reviews so I double checked mine when they came in and all of them had a nose clip (maybe they were confused since they’re embedded in the mask??)

I also like that the straps go around your head instead of your ears because my ears have just about had it with all this constant mask wearing.

Overall, it’s a pretty comfy mask with room to spare for your nose/lips, so you don’t feel so claustrophobic. 👍🏼"

Reviewed by Betty M on September 16, 2021

"I have tried many mask in the past 21 month but I can say this is the best ever it’s light it’s breathable like your not wearing something heavy it’s 5 layers I love the grey color that goes with everything it’s snug to protect you but not to tight but the best thing that my teenage daughter loves it to and she says she can breath with no problem . My daughter is in High School and I have to keep her protected she’s vaccinated but she can still can get Covid but thank God we been safe but it’s always good to have a good mask that you can wear all day with no problem . My sister gave me this mask last week because I forgot mine when we went to a concert and I loved it and I had to get some for my self and family it folds in half and it fits in my wallet and the metal bar around your nose has great cushion for great comfort ! I give this mask a 10 !! Thank you Aidway !! Very Happy Customer !"

★★★★★ Amazing Mask in GREY
Reviewed by Jose P

"I have gone through many many N95 and other masks since the beginning of the pandemic, this is the FIRST Grey Colored N95 I have even seen and very importantly, it is made in the USA. I definitely want to show my support to US N95 factories. I received my masks today, packaging look good and sealed, masks look well made and nose clip is embedded and adjusted to fit my face perfectly. Inner fabric feels soft and comfortable after wearing over 2 hours, I can easily just fold it and put in my pocket. Size seems to fit most normal adult size faces, a little bigger on my teenage nephew who is 13, I could breathe very well with this mask, this is a small space between my month and the inner end of the mask, love the design!"

★★★★★ The colors are beautiful and the quality is great
Reviewed by Kai H on September 16, 2021

Finally found a GREAT mask!!! I have been looking for a US made mask for months and finally found a super comfortable mask that is actually comfortable to wear in an office. The mask is a big larger for people with much smaller faces like my friend who tried to wear it, but for the average person these are absolutely perfect. Thank you for making them in USA!!"

★★★★★ Good buy!
Reviewed by Lizeth P on September 16, 2021

I took a gamble on these despite the negative reviews and let me just say I am very pleased.

For starters no medical grade mask that I have purchased has had adjustable straps. The mask creates a comfortably tight seal for best protection. And best of all the mask does not press against your lips so you can wear your lipstick without smudging it!"

★★★★★ Nice color and comfortable
Reviewed by Walter G on September 14, 2021

"I like this Grey color N95 mask. It's hard to this nice color. Very comfortable to wear. I trust this Made in USA mask to protect me when I travel. It looks real cool ."

★★★★★ Just As Expected
Reviewed by John G on September 14, 2021

As described, fits perfectly."

★★★★★ These masks are strong and durable
Reviewed by Zach S on September 10, 2021

"I’m just writing to let you know that this was the best mask purchase I have made since covid started. These masks are strong and durable, yet don’t feel suffocating. I feel so much better in these then those flimsy surgical masks and my face doesn’t get all hot and sweaty either. The quality is truly amazing in comparison to other brands! Thanks for the great product!"

★★★★★ Checked all the boxes
Reviewed by Matt on September 6, 2021

I wanted a mask that was made in the USA, was NIOSH approved, had nose clip and was comfortable. This mask checked all the boxes. I ordered a box and immediately ordered another."

★★★★★ True N95 Mask, Five Layer and comes in sealed package!
Reviewed by J.O. on August 16, 2021

"Would recommend to a friend, if you're going to ware a mask then this is the one, everything else is just a joke."

★★★★★ Delivered on time
Reviewed by George B on September 5, 2021

"No complaints"

★★★★★ The fit is what I wanted
Reviewed by M.W. on August 31, 2021

"The mask fits under the chin"

★★★★★ No gaps, comfortable to wear
Reviewed by Ken on August 24, 2021

"Great fit, no gaps and comfortable to wear."

★★★★★ Very Impressed
Reviewed by Lynda on August 18, 2021

Very impressed. Large enough to fit my husband. Most others are too tight. Very comfortable. Bought for future air travel. Made in the U S A!"

Reviewed by Denise V on August 18, 2021

The experience was great! It arrived perfectly on time."

Reviewed by DML on August 17, 2021

Masks comfortable with nice fit and good straps. The mask doesn't move with breathing! Good shipping. Will buy again."

★★★★☆ Great Fit
Reviewed by Heidi on August 10, 2021

"I ordered 10 of these and they are the best fit I've experienced as far as both disposable and covering my face. They are lightweight but well made so I will be using them many more times. I like the nose crimp on the outside as opposed to layered in the fabric. I also like the double straps - not flimsy at all."

★★★★★ Great Masks
Reviewed by Tammy R on August 9, 2021

These were exactly what we need for my husband's work and super happy that they are made in the USA - thank you for a great quality product."

★★★★★ The best N95 I have used
Reviewed by Eileen on August 6, 2021

"Aidway N95 mask has the best quality among all the other made in USA mask I have used. I am working 12 hour as a nurse, I can say It is very comfort to wear, won't so tight around my ear like other N95, because it has more wider sling which can give me better support. It tight enough to seal around my nose that won't hurt my nose and leave a red mark compare to other N95 mask. It also easy for me to breath even it has 5 layer inside as their advertise says, though it is pricey, but it worth for it's price. Very good product!"

★★★★★ so comfortable to wear!
Reviewed by AC on August 3, 2021

Like the bands that go around the head vs the ears."

★★★★★ Made In USA and actually IS n95!
Reviewed by Mary on August 1, 2021

Going to take a moment or two or three to get used to different fitting but we feel so much safer, especially with the new variant in the tourist destination we live in!!"

★★★☆Lovmed N95 respirator
Reviewed by William N on July 31, 2021

"My main reason for purchasing this respirator is it is made in the USA. My only problem is with the packaging of the respirators, they were sent packaged in a bag so when i received the package the box containing the masks was totally crushed."

Reviewed by Amy C on July 23, 2021

"Great. Easy to wear and breathe through."

★★★★★ Very good fit
Reviewed by Walter G on May 24, 2021

Feels safe when you wear a N95 mask Make In USA in the high risk area."

★★★★★ US made quality !
Reviewed by Marco on May 12, 2021

Quality, Quality, Quality!!!!!! I thought I was only buying a few mask for a work trip coming up, but these mask are made to last for more than just one time use, even if its not recommended ! You can definitely tell it is US made. My allergies reduced while on my work trip to a heavy smog (New York), heavy pollen (North Carolina) to almost noooo allergies ! Glad that I ran into this mask .... Plus a pack of 10 will last you close to 2 weeks."

★★★★★ Very comfortable fit and easy to breath
Reviewed by Smith on May 6, 2021

Very comfortable fit and easy to breath, the black color looks cool with Made In USA engraving."

★★★★★ Great mask!
Reviewed by Karbis S on May 12, 2021

Very comfortable and easy to wear while I’m working or outside walking! Highly recommend! 😎

★★★★★ Great masks
Reviewed by Jack S on May 10, 2021

Really comfortable masks and love how they’re made in the USA."

★★★★★ 100% American
Reviewed by Arthur P on May 10, 2021

Love that these masks were made in the good ol’ US&A."

Reviewed by Rafael A on May 8, 2021

"its a good mask, simple and plain."
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