We salute our front-line heroes for their sacrifice, every day and especially during this crisis.


AIDWAY Personal Care Product, Inc. is committed to providing products that assist you in your daily life. Our LUVMED® line of respirators and face masks are designed to help you breathe easier, so you can focus more on whatever projects lie ahead.

AIDWAY® came about from the need to answer the call of an urgent, global challenge. Based in California, we aim to be accessible and ship as quickly as possible to the most number of people in need here in the United States. 

Giving back is part of our DNA, and we are proud to provide livelihood to our fellow Americans during these uncertain times. Despite higher production costs, we are convinced that producing our LUVMED® masks locally is the most viable way to go, especially if we have the support of our local communities and people like you.

FDA US Manufacturer Registration Number: 3016757817

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