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What size are the masks?

We offer one adult size that is considered "One size fits most". The fitment can be slightly adjusted via the nose clip. Please refer to the package for instructions on properly donning and doffing face masks.

Dimensions when folded: 4" x 6
Dimensions when open: 5
½" x 5½"

Are your masks made in the USA?

Yes. All of our masks are manufactured, packaged, and shipped from our City of Industry, California facility.

Are you FDA registered?

Yes. Our FDA Manufacturer Registration Number is: 3016757817

Is your N95 Respirator NIOSH approved?

Yes. The NIOSH Approval Number is: TC-84A-9255

How quickly will my order be shipped?

In most cases, orders ship out within 1 business day.

What is the difference between the N95 mask and the 5 Layer mask?

Our 5 Layer foldable masks are made of the same grade material as our N95 masks. Therefore, the filtration rate is greater than or equal to 95%, just like our N95. However, to qualify for the NIOSH approval, only masks with Head Loops are considered. Since the 5 Layer Masks have Ear Loops, they offer tremendous protection while remaining comfortable to use. The N95 will offer the highest level of protection due to its much tighter fit.

Is there any difference between the color options?

No. The raw material used to create the masks is available in multiple colors. They all test equally and perform equally in every aspect. The color is strictly aesthetic.

Can I reuse these masks?

Face masks are most effective when they are brand new and untouched. Please refer to the latest CDC guidance for extended use and reusing masks by clicking the CDC link below.