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Aidway In The News

The US has N95 masks available -- you just can't find them


Aidway was recently featured in an article by CNN. The focus of the article was on US based companies that manufacture NIOSH approved N95 respirators. The spotlight is cast upon the restrictions related to selling N95 respirators through online platforms and government agencies that distribute PPE.

Below is an excerpt from the CNN article.

Los Angeles-based N95 manufacturer Aidway Personal Care Product told CNN that since getting approved in October, they've registered with every government agency, state and government contract websites. Their employees even knocked on doors of hospitals, clinics and health care facilities to try and get their product to the community, with little success. Aidway has donated most of its product to date.

"I have personally made phone calls and sent emails to people in our district or outside and in all of the municipalities around us in Los Angeles, when it was the worst just a few weeks ago when ICU was at full capacity," Aidway Client Relationship Director Aram Arutyunyan told CNN. "This is the most crucial time, and we were still unable to get through."

Aidway has about 100,000 masks sitting in storage and the raw material to build 2 million more.

Read the full CNN article by clicking the link below.